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Software for the entertainment industry

Show business presents a myriad of challenges for which computers can provide the solution. I use my applications to solve the real-world problems I've faced, and you can use them too.

Sound design for musical theater

Sound reinforcement for musical theater adds an extra level of technical challenge, because it's necessary to integrate the amplified sound with the live acoustic sound of the singers and orchestra in the performance space.

I bring together knowledge of technology, acoustics, and the phisiology of hearing. It's necessary to understand how we process natural sounds in order to reproduce sounds that convince the ear that they're natural.



TitleDriver logo

Supertitle software for opera or any live performance: high-resolution video captioning. Present up to four separate translations simultaneously using TitleDriver.

LT Scoreboard

Lasertag Scoreboard app

LT Scoreboard is a full featured Lasertag competition manager and scoreboard. Drive a scoreboard, music, announcements and external devices according to pre-programmed tournament logistics.

PL Universe

PL UniversePL Universe was developed for a full-service sound/lighting/staging production company. It provides a platform to track jobs from proposal through planning, packing, and invoicing. PL Universe is a FileMaker Pro database solution.


ShotDriver logo

ShotDriver was developed to eliminate the need for paper shot lists in multi-camera video production. ShotDriver broadcasts tally data and shot descriptions to receivers on your network, in real-time.


CueDriver logo

CueDriver automates digital audio mixing consoles for musical theater. CueDriver avoids many problems presented by snapshot based automation, and uses a Filemaker Pro database to program cues.

We specialize in making your vision a reality.

Creating solutions for the unique challenges of the entertainment industry. You need the right specialized tool for your job.

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