In older versions of Windows, when you first launch an app that wants to communicate over the local network, a Windows Firewall warning window would appear and you would click a button to "Allow" the app to use a network port. 

And when first installing an app like LiveTitles (or ShotDriver Camera) you may still get a window like that, allowing quick configuration of the firewall to permit communication. However, I just encountered a situation in Windows 10 (as of February 2018) where LiveTitles was not able to communicate with TitleDriver on the network, and it wasn't clear why that was the case.

The previous version of LiveTitles had worked just fine, but after a software update the app was not able to "see" TitleDriver and receive data. It was necessary to go into Windows' Control Panel and re-enable the app. Here's a link describing the procedure in general terms:

The short version of the solution was to go to Control Panel and enter "Windows Firewall" in order to quickly navigate to the correct panel. Then add "livetitles" to the list of allowed applications. In this case, all that was necessary was to go into the list of allowed apps, find "livetitles" and re-enable it (check the checkboxes) which we found had been disabled.

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