This year's update of TitleDriver (version 4.1.0) marks a major milestone in the application's evolution. This is the first 64-bit native version, which means TitleDriver will be faster and more responsive than ever. New features include Vertical text formatting, to allow Chinese text to be arranged in columns that are read right to left.

Going forward, the built-in Help window is not part of the app. Instead, the Help window command will take you directly to the TitleDriver users' support site, where all the documentation is kept current. The new support site is now mobile device friendly, to allow convenient access from your phone or tablet.

One new feature is the direct editing of text cells. From the beginning, TitleDriver has required a couple of extra clicks to accomplish each title edit. That was done intentionally to make it difficult to inadvertently change title text. However, sometimes you do need to be able to quickly get in and paste new entries. And so now, in the "Edit text" tab, you'll see on the far right there is a padlock icon. Click on the icon to toggle the cell lock/unlock function for direct editing of text.

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