Most of my offerings are grouped by "families" consisting of a Mac OS application for primary control, and receiver applications for Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating systems; as well as a Web Server component that can distribute data in real time to phones and other browser-based devices.

Supertitle software for opera or any live performance: high-resolution video captioning. Present up to four separate translations simultaneously using TitleDriver.
ShotDriver was developed to eliminate the need for paper shot lists in multi-camera video production. ShotDriver broadcasts tally data and shot descriptions to receivers on your network, in real-time.
LT Scoreboard
LT Scoreboard is a full featured Lasertag competition manager and scoreboard. Drive a scoreboard, music, announcements and external devices according to pre-programmed tournament logistics.
CueDriver automates digital audio mixing consoles for musical theater. CueDriver avoids many problems presented by snapshot based automation, and uses a Filemaker Pro database to program cues.
PL Universe
PL Universe was developed for a full-service sound/lighting/staging production company. It provides a platform to track jobs from proposal through planning, packing, and invoicing. PL Universe is a FileMaker Pro database solution.