CueDriver automates Yamaha digital mixing consoles.

In 1997 I developed CueDriver for San Francisco's long running cabaret musical revue Beach Blanket Babylon, for use with Yamaha digital audio mixing consoles. Using snapshot automation can be an awkward and problematic approach to automating a live performance, especially on early consoles,

CueDriver was designed to avoid those pitfalls, and allow for flexibility of executing different versions of the show with different actors in each role from performance to performance.

As you can imagine, it's difficult to really demonstrate the app without a mixing console. So CueDriver is not available for download. And considerable time is required to define controllers on newer console models not currently defined. Only then can one move on to building cues wherein each element can be expressed as a text string such as "Chan 5 Fader to +6dB."

CueDriver consists of two separate applications: CueDriver Database is a FileMaker Pro database containing definitions for every controller you need to address, as well as all cue data for a single production. Then the "control panel" app CueDriver Engine provides the "Go" button, and acts as the interface for communicating with the console via MIDI.

Consoles currently defined:

Yamaha M7-CL

Yamaha 01V & 01V96

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CueDriver isn't available for download. If you're interested in the app for your production, please contact us.