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ShotDriver system license: $900

A system license authorizes ShotDriver AD on one computer, and any number of receiver applications.
System license: $900

One year time-limited license: $150



Basic license for one computer: $780

+ Additional Display Windows: $290 each

A basic TitleDriver license will enable a single Display Window. Then, if applicable, add the required number of additional Display Windows your system will require, up to four.

Up to eight hours of consultation and assistance is available for every new customer. We'll take all the time you need to get your system up and running.

Basic license: $780

LiveTitles Web Server

Licensing LiveTitles Web Server involves an ongoing contract to maintain your own dedicated server capable of handling 250-plus simultaneous users. Monthly subscription fee: $90. No long term agreement necessary, pay month-to-month as needed. Requires TitleDriver.

The server app can be delivered as a stand-alone or CGI based server application for Linux or Windows operating systems, but is not available for download. Please contact us for pricing and configuration details.
Use Paypal to manage your ongoing subscription at $90 per month.