My Expertise

Sound reinforcement
Sound Effects Design
Sampler based musical instrument programming
Computer applications and database programming

Sound reinforcement for musical theater has been my primary profession and passion for many years. I'm so lucky to be able to do something that involves frequent creative challenges.

And I've been doing computer programming since the mainframe age. It's the twenty-first century, so let's apply some technology!

...for example:

Video captioning systems

Systems built around TitleDriver supertitle software provide captions of up to four or more simultaneous translations, at any resolution. From a one time special event to a permanently installed system, we can design a fail-safe system to fit your budget.

Easily create an independent captioning system by locking to timecode from your playback device/application. "Roll your own" custom subtitles locked to media (i.e. movie) playback.

Tabletop captioning for musical theater

Beach Blanket Babylon, San Francisco's longest running cabaret musical revue, uses TitleDriver simply for its ability to broadcast live captions to any number of wireless tablets, in order to provide support for hearing impaired audience members, in compliance with the ADA.

I do custom software development for Mac OS computers.

Using the Xojo programming environment, it has never been easier to quickly develop solutions for the unique challenges of the entertainment industry. Xojo allows us to build client applications for Windows and Linux operating systems as well.

FileMaker Pro is the premier cross-platform networkable database environment. No information tracking challenge is too complex, and FileMaker allows for rapid development and endless customization of your data views and workflows.